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If you would like to Kayak around the famous corrie lake in the Knockmealdown Mountains, then you’ve come to the right place. Knockmealdown Active, the volunteer run community activities group, will have Kayaks for rent on Bay Lough lake from May to September in 2023.


Here are some frequently asked questions. Click on Book above for the booking page.

What kind of Kayaks are available? All the Kayaks are the sit-on variety. There are single and double versions available.

Are they safe? Yes, very, this is why we use them. Sit-on kayaks are easy to manage and, worst case scenario, you just fall off and get back on again. You can’t get trapped in the Kayak, because you don’t get into it. It is different to a sit-in Kayak, which requires a good deal more experience.

Is it difficult to Kayak on Bay Lough? Not at all, that’s why we chose it. There are no currents, so when you stop paddling the boat stops. It is possible to take rests whenever you wish & just sit and appreciate the peace & tranquillity of the lake and its surrounds.

Do you need prior experience? No. The opposite. It is ideal for people with no experience because the lake is so calm and the craft are very easy to handle.

How many people fit on a Kayak? One person on a single Kayak and two people on a double. The two people can be two adults or an adult and a child (under 16).

Can children under 16 use Kayaks on their own? Not unless they have an accompanying adult, i.e. an adult is with them on the water in another single or a double craft.

Do you need previous experience? No, sit on Kayaks are relatively easy to operate. You’ll get a few minutes orientation on the lake from the operator, which is all it takes to get going.

Do I need to bring specific gear/clothing? No, we provide all the safety gear & paddles required, but you should bring a change of clothing, particularly a change of footwear. It is likely that your feet will get wet, so wear old runners or other footwear that can handle this. Occasionally people do fall off the Kayaks, or water gets onboard, which isn’t a problem, you’ll be wearing full buoyancy gear, but you’ll need to change afterwards.

What times does it operate? Kayaks can be rented on Saturdays and Sundays (as well as Bank Holiday Mondays) from 11am in the morning until 4pm in the afternoon in hour long sessions.

How do you take payment? Either online, via the Book link above or by credit/debit card at the lake. Note: We do not take, or store, cash at the lake. Online bookings take precedence.

Where is Bay Lough? This spectacular corrie lake is on the border of Tipperary and Waterford, just past the Vee when leaving Clogheen on the road to Cappoquin and Lismore. The lake car park is at the following Google Maps location – See the Location page for further information.

How long does it take to get to the lake from the car park? It is a 15 to 20 minute walk, depending on your fitness level. It is all downhill on the way to the lake, and obviously uphill on the return.

Can you take a dog on the Kayak? No, unfortunately we can’t get insurance for animals. You can bring dogs on a leash, if you wish, as long as there is somebody to look after them while you are on the lake, but they can’t go in the Kayak.

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